Light mandalas

My project, “Light Mandalas”, is an artistic illustration of the theory about the holographic universe, where everything is connected and intertwined in a spiritual and multidimensional spectrum. Different light sources and angles help me to paint with the camera and later I create a structure of this particular moment. The chaotic and random reveals a pattern when multiplied and combined. 2015-2017


Travel Stories

”Motion, color, positivity, emotion, creativity” 2016

Nordic nights

”Across the border into the new”

Internal processes

“Internal processes is a set of artistic photographs that represent different stages of mindsets/moods.”



Walking in the forest, looking up at the sun, diving into the dirt, observing the moon” 2013


Moss series 

”Within the dirt, moss and mold- magical patterns can be revealed” 2017



Excavation place: Stockholm. Year: 2014. Conclusion: Hidden structures found.