Light mandalas by Camille Polsk

I paint with the camera and create different patterns that have a deeper esoteric for me. I got inspired by the theory of the holographic universe where everything is combined, microcosmos and macro. It took me on a journey and my project is an artistic interpretation of the idea that all is one. The project has been alive since 2009 when it first found me and I am creating new abstract interpretations continuosly.



”Motion, color, positivity, emotion, creativity” 2016

”Across the border into the new”

“Internal processes is a set of artistic photographs that represent different stages of mindsets/moods.”


Walking in the forest, looking up at the sun, diving into the dirt, observing the moon” 2013



”Within the dirt, moss and mold- magical patterns can be revealed” 2017


Excavation place: Stockholm. Year: 2014. Conclusion: Hidden structures found.