”Mother Earth”

During my BA, I have focused on my own and others needs for having plats around the house and have designed a way of working that enables me to connect the pot with the pedestal, which in this work is a symbol of raising and proving significance for the pot. The pot, whose purpose is to maintain and propagate plants, forms a controlled, extracted form of vegetation, a small piece of nature. During the work of ”Mother Earth,” I use the red clay species called terra cotta because of the aesthetics. Terracotta has a long history and has been used as material for custom-made items, pots and as a sculpture medium throughout the ages. With the pot you could transport plants, creating new cultivation traditions and possibilities. Inspired by the flower pot and its history, I have made my own contemporary interpretation of it and integrated the pot with the pedestal. The objects are made on the throwing wheel, unglazed and high fired.